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Hal Yapici, MD, MBA, MPH

Hal Yapici, MD, MBA, MPH


A physician by training, Hal combines his background in business and research to provide actionable solutions, data-driven strategies, and effective medical communications

Business and Clinical Strategy:
  • Evaluated due diligence of an opioid use disorder treatment for a potential acquisition; assessed competitive landscape, reimbursement landscape, stakeholder opinions and analyzed physician prescription data to inform decision-making
  • Developed US market growth strategy to increase sales of a substance use disorder treatment in the hospital inpatient setting through primary and secondary research including literature review, stakeholder interviews, and EHR data analysis
  • Generated evidence through primary and secondary research to demonstrate the value of various vascular access devices/technologies for patients/clinicians, which resulted in four anecdotal case studies and three conference abstracts detailing experiences from separate hospitals/health systems across the United States
Medical Communications:
  • Produced five peer-reviewed manuscripts on clinical trials and preclinical studies regarding various pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices to support regulatory efforts and provide recommendations for clinical practice guidelines
  • Developed five peer-reviewed manuscripts detailing retrospective cohort studies to support key-value messages across multiple products for a large multinational medical device company
Health Economics and Outcomes Research:
  • Developed comprehensive study reports on COPD, Asthma, Sepsis including the types of disease states, demographics, treatment, comorbidities, and complications based on in-depth analysis of EHR data from 614 US hospitals
  • Evaluated the utility of Shock Index for the ICU patients by using multiple methods to measure the exposure (i.e., cumulative minutes, time-weighted average) and investigating the impact on mortality/morbidity outcomes
  • Demonstrated economic value of a surgical device by estimating the direct and indirect cost-savings associated with the utilization of the device by varying hospital types based on the volume of heart surgery patients
  • Utilized clinical/medical background to advise project teams regarding data analysis methods (i.e., diagnosis/medication inclusion criteria) as well as interpretation of findings (i.e., medication switch patterns)


Halit holds an MD from the Istanbul University as well as an MBA and an MPH from the Johns Hopkins University where he also earned certificates in Public Health Economics and Health Finance & Management. Halit knows how to approach issues from different stakeholders’ perspectives thanks to his 5+ years of domestic and international healthcare experience at multiple organizations including providers, payers, the World Health Organization and non-governmental organizations. In his spare time, he likes to travel, and cook recipes from various cuisines.