Boston Strategic Partners

Regulatory Strategy

Regulatory Strategy

We recognize that regulatory requirements and concerns are intricately woven into product development, launch, and life cycle planning. We provide regulatory insight, strategy, and writing support that complements our other core capabilities. We can support your strategy as you align the regulatory activities required to bring your product to market with your company’s core business objectives.

Some reasons why our clients call upon us

  • Our team uses the big picture perspective to better understand the regulatory needs in the context of overall strategy
  • We provide comprehensive solutions, allowing clients to unify business development, economic, and regulatory objectives to best solve industry and research challenges

Some examples of the work we do

  • Regulatory considerations for lead target indication strategy (e.g., orphan designations)
  • Competitive assessment of technology/drug class within target markets
  • Regulatory competitive intelligence
  • Strategic Principal Investigator/trial site identification (e.g., Research Consortiums)
  • IRB perspective: identification of technology/product data gaps or study risk assessment
  • Writing support for pre-clinical or clinical study reports to accompany regulatory pre-clinical/clinical packages or updates
  • Creation of Product Monographs, Package Inserts, etc.
  • Writing to position nonclinical safety data and findings to clinicians
  • Investigators’ brochures
  • Writing support for nonclinical and clinical sections for modules 2, 4, and 5 of the common technical document (CTD)