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Medical Communications Strategy

Achieve the Greatest Impact From a Strategic Approach to Medical Communications

BSP takes into consideration multiple facets of medical communications planning, all of which need to be integrated with HEOR, commercial, and clinical strategy

We maximize medical communications strategy by leveraging several publication mediums and scientific dissemination techniques to increase our clients’ reach

Congress Abstracts & Oral/Poster Presentations

Peer-reviewed Publications

Sponsored Symposia & Booth Purchase

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Medical Communications Strategy - Expertise
Medical Communications Strategy

BSP's Approach

What is the objective of the communication?

Who is the target audience?

Who are the authors, and what are their roles?

What cadence of publications will have the greatest impact and meet business needs?

How does this fit into the long-term med com plan?

How will this support business and/or clinical objectives?

What publication type, journal, or conference?

How does the publication align with pre and post launch milestones?

Medical Communications Strategy

Our comprehensive capabilities support your team from strategy to execution

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