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App Development

Fostering Healthcare Innovation: BSP's Expertise in Professional Application Deliver

BSP excels in delivering professional applications with unparalleled cost-efficiency. Since 2016, our adept development team has focused on designing websites and applications tailored to the domains of life sciences and healthcare. Profound expertise in health economics and outcomes research equips BSP to construct economic models that can propel applications forward or customize calculators provided by clients.

Our approach is profoundly collaborative, incorporating client input throughout every phase – from the inception of models and UI design to the actual development of applications and the attainment of AdProm approval. Capitalizing on our unique methodology that minimizes overheads, we not only offer competitive pricing for our services but also ensure the delivery of value-enhancing add-ons.

BSP can support clients with app development

Quality Control
Designing /

BSP is experienced in all stages of application development, starting from crafting Excel model calculations, progressing through design mock-ups, and culminating in seamless integration into a user-friendly interface.

BSP builds custom models and interactive, customer-facing applications to address various business needs, including:

  • Budget Impact Models (BIM)
  • Decision-Analytic Models
  • Pharmacoeconomic Models
  • Forecasting Models
Models and Applications
Development Tools

BSP develops applications for multiple platforms (BaseCase Interactive for iOS/iPad/iPhone, Vablet, etc.) using various programming languages:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Visual Basic

Relevant Experience and Past Work

BSP designed a budget impact application to calculate cost savings using a novel pressure injury prevention surface

The BIM app relies on a few key hospital characteristics to create a customized and hospital-specific savings scenario. It’s tailored for Windows 10 tablets, starting with an objective overview. Inputs include hospital details, bed count, and surgical volume, as well as other characteristics and expenditures information. Outcomes show direct and indirect savings. Users can adjust settings for precise customization. 

BSP developed a cost savings app for iPad which approximated the savings that could be expected from adoption an integrated infusion system

The app features two input screens: one auto-populates basic hospital info via an identifier number, while the second gathers infusion system data. The main screen displays breakdowns of approximate expected savings. Product-specific screens can show breakdown savings, enabling customization and detailed product information.

BSP developed a cost savings app to show the approximate cost savings associated with using a new hemostatic agent in cardiovascular surgery

The app’s starting inputs are the client hospital and annual number of cardiac surgeries. Detailed inputs include pricing and percentage usage of hemostatic agents. Initial savings present an intuitive and user-friendly summary of the savings in a bar chart, with customizable focus on specific categories. Detailed savings breakdowns specific to certain care settings or savings categories are also provided.

Why use interactive applications?

A sales representative has limited time with a potential customer. It is therefore important to clearly communicate the value of a product in a concise, personalized and engaging manner. BSP can support clients with creating an engaging interactive storyboard that demonstrates their product’s value and encourage sales. These storyboards bring models to life by transforming them into media-rich compelling stories. Apps include features such as: