Boston Strategic Partners

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

In harmony with the evolving scope of health economics and outcomes research, our aim is to enable our clients to establish value that is relevant to stakeholders. We work closely with clients to create a suite of analytical models and other custom tools to accelerate value demonstration and decision making and support economic publications. Our solutions are specifically designed for each stakeholder, including payers, physicians, pharmacists, and hospital purchasers.

Some reasons why our clients call upon us

  • Our health economists and statisticians create approaches that produce real results with providers, payers, and allied groups
  • Our global focus allows us to use local outcome evidence and quantify value in local currencies
  • Access to electronic health record (EHR) and claims datasets enables us to provide customized queries that address specific client needs with real world evidence
  • Hospital and provider analyses have included outcomes, efficiencies, revenue impact, and inventory management
  • Our team members serve on review panels of peer-reviewed journals and international associations

Some examples of the work we do

  • Health economic strategy and policy initiatives
  • Value proposition and message development
  • Payer and pharmacist ad boards
  • Epidemiology/burden of disease
  • Budget impact models (BIM)
  • Decision-analytic models
  • Pharmacoeconomic models
  • Database (EHR/claims) modeling
  • Health economic publications
  • Real-world evidence generation
  • Patient journey