Merck CORE Symposium 2018

Philadelphia, PA (June 2018) – Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. was invited to participate in the CORE Global Conference at Merck. The conference was from June 20th – 21st, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The conference focused on novel approaches to designing and implementing real word observational studies to demonstrate value and support access for better patient outcomes, as well as Value Demonstration & Affordability and Real World Data Digital Transformation.

BSP attendees included Fabian D’Souza (President and founder of BSP), Jeffrey Skaar (Principal), and Kunal Lodaya (Engagement Manager).

BSP has exclusive access to EHR data derived from the largest EHR provider in the US. Our database contains de-identified, longitudinal electronic health record patient data. Additional features of the data:

  • 70+ MM unique patients going as far back as January 2000
  • 450+ MM outpatient, emergency department, and inpatient vistis
  • 700+ health facilities
  • 10+ years of data updated every 6 months
  • No data access fees

BSP can provide real-world insight into patient journeys and clinical pathways customized to your product / service.

About BSP

Founded in 2003, Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. is a dedicated healthcare and life sciences company. We offer five different types of services:

  • Business & Clinical Strategy
  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Medical Communications
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Financial Advisory

For more information or to schedule a meeting with our team, please email us at

About Merck CORE Symposium 2018

CORE is a recognized global leader and strategic partner to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. There will be 250+ Merck regional and global leaders across CORE, Medical Affairs, Commercial and Policy.