Medical Communications Consultant

The primary purpose of this position is to support the development of high-quality medical communications. The individual will synthesize key findings, distill them into concise messages, and produce polished papers, in collaboration with clients and other consultants. Types of medical communication/writing include but are not limited to: white papers, abstracts, posters, manuals, patient brochures, slide decks, journal publications, and literature reviews.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop a command of the intellectual material and key analytic concepts
  • Writing and development of high-quality scientific/medical communications by identifying ways to best represent data and results
  • Understand and interpret statistical results of studies in order to summarize them in a clear, concise, and scientifically accurate manner
  • Identification of client’s goals and key messaging and incorporation of this messaging throughout deliverables 
  • Editing work for consistency, clarity, grammar, and syntax while translating complex scientific concepts and data into language appropriate for audiences of specific interest for the final deliverable
  • Communicate with internal customers to understand their content requirements including: asking appropriate questions, being proactive in requesting clarification of any unclear direction or request, responding to a client’s inquiries about content, reviewing and discussing papers with clients and incorporating their feedback
  • Manage publication projects: develop timelines for publication development, lead author team meetings, identify potential target journals, adhere to timelines, manage project budget
  • Ensure timely delivery of the content, within the specified parameters
  • Maintain strong attention to detail
  • Perform literature reviews and related background research as needed to aid in medical communications development
  • Reference the content according to any specified client standards
  • Support other medical communications and consulting projects as needed

We prefer applicants with demonstrable experience in relationship building, critical listening, persuasive communication, hypothesis generation, work stream and timeline planning, project budgeting, data collection and analysis, and the ability to draw conclusions and make insightful recommendations. Our team-based approach requires professionals to manage high intensity, short-term engagements and deliver highly-refined work outputs. Leadership capabilities are essential, as consultants must be able to guide team agendas and organize the efforts of colleagues and clients. The ability to mentor team members and spur professional growth is important. This is a high-demand, full-time, contract position. Compensation is directly tied to performance, monthly reviews, and experience.

Desired Qualifications

Minimum of at least one graduate qualification (Masters, PhD, etc.) or 5+ years of experience in healthcare or allied fields. Prior consulting, project management, and remote office experience a plus.

  • Experience with scientific writing or publishing required
  • Demonstrated expertise managing projects with shifting deadlines and involvement of multiple stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly learn and command complex, multidisciplinary material
  • Demonstrated ability to write scientific and technical content in a clear, cogent, and concise manner
  • Ability to quickly understand and synthesize relevant materials for scientific audiences
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment in collaboration with a range of individuals, including senior management
  • Strong written and oral communication skills with direct experience presenting to scientific audiences
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability manage internal and external client relationships, aligning expectations with timelines and deliverables

Other Requirements

  • Be reliable, on-time, courteous, trustworthy, and professional in manner and appearance
  • Candidate must possess background experience or demonstrate an ability to work well in a non-co-located environment (i.e. you will primarily be working from home with team members located in different cities) and travel as necessary to client sites (<10% of the time)
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English, including good grammar
  • Have access to both telecom/voice and internet/data connectivity and have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Respond to emails and calls within 3 hours during the standard work day
  • Candidate shall be available to stagger work hours and on occasion work on evenings and weekends
  • Must sign non-compete and non-disclosure agreements as part of this work contract

How to Apply

To apply for this job please email your resume and your cover letter to Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

The successful candidate will be required to sign non-compete and non-disclosure agreements as part of the work contract.