Engagement Manager

Job Duties

  • Provide biomedical guidance related to projects on medical device design, molecular interactions involving pharmaceutical products, mechanical issues associated with the type of material used, and medical technologies that can improve clinical outcomes.
  • Oversee the design and development of a Health Economics and Outcomes Research studies, identify clinically relevant variables, structure required analyses, and oversee the development of study protocols/analysis plans to assess safety, efficacy, and efficiency of new medical treatments, biomedical devices, or pharmaceutical products.
  • Oversee the development of quantitative health economics models or computer simulations/algorithms based on research/analysis to demonstrate value conferred by newer medical devices and diagnostic innovations for patients/ clinicians, as well as either a hospital or a payer that is responsible for reimbursing that innovation.
  • Design, structure, deliver and present technical reports incorporating multiple evidence sources and dynamic data visualizations.
  • Develop peer-reviewed manuscripts and other scientific publications to report research methodology and findings in reputable journals and scientific conferences.
  • Manage all phases of quantitative and qualitative primary research projects and analysis with various stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including study design and survey/questionnaire /discussion guide development; facilitate and oversee all data collection; process, run, analyze and interpret all data; extract key information to address the research question(s).
  • Apply the statistical knowledge and methods to answer research questions by analyzing various datasets, including clinical trial/medical chart data, claims data, as well as an extensive, deidentified EHR dataset with 20+ years of data from 60+ million patients using a statistical software package.
  • Draw insights from complex qualitative and quantitative analyses; integrate these insights across workstreams to develop an overall plan to drive strategy and solution development. Support/facilitate all clinical aspects of our analytics design, customization, and deployment.
  • Review the clinical content of our intellectual property, and ensure the clinical integrity of all deliverables, including technical reports, presentations, and publications. Lead client meetings to present findings from research/analyses.
  • Supervise, manage, and coordinate tasks for the technical team, including delegating tasks and gathering updates from technical personnel on a daily basis; provide weekly progress updates to the President or Partner.
  • Act as a formal coach/mentor for up to 3 junior team members on an ongoing basis; schedule monthly meetings to share subject-matter expertise, discuss strategies to build/develop research skills and provide professional development opportunities
  • Strengthen subject matter expertise through on-the-job experience, participation in scientific conferences and symposiums for professional knowledge sharing; stay current with industry news and competitive environment to expand knowledge continually; share articles of interest with project teams.


Master’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Healthcare, Public Health, Biomedical Engineering, or similarly related field, plus 2 years of experience in the Job Offered, Healthcare Consultant or related occupation. The two years’ experience must involve each of the following:

  • Develop HEOR study protocols/data analysis plans and identify clinically relevant variables and outcomes as well as required models/analyses to investigate the research question(s). Synthesize qualitative and quantitative information from diverse sources, including academic literature, clinical trial data, in-depth interviews/surveys, and EHR/claims data to perform the analyses.
  • Conduct meta-analyses and systematic literature reviews using PRISMA guidelines and multiple electronic databases, including PubMed, ScienceDirect, ProQuest, Cochrane, PROSPERO. Evaluate the quality of medical evidence reported in the relevant peer-reviewed manuscripts using GRADE methodology or other evaluation methods.
  • Perform health economics analyses to evaluate treatment patterns and outcomes, comparative effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, and budget impact; build Markov models and use probabilistic/stochastic sensitivity analysis methods in TreeAge or other modeling software. Identify and extract relevant input parameters from various sources through primary and secondary research as needed.
  • Develop comprehensive technical reports and presentations incorporating multiple evidence sources and dynamic data visualizations; draft peer-reviewed manuscripts and other scientific publications to report research methodology and findings in reputable journals and scientific conferences.
  • Develop qualitative/quantitative semi-structured interview guides and surveys/ questionnaires for stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including clinicians, hospital administrators, and pharmacists; moderate in-depth interviews, and facilitate data collection and capture key information to address relevant research question(s).
  • Analyze health care data from a variety of sources, including EHR, administrative claims data, clinical trial data, registries, and medical chart data using statistical methods in STATA, R, SAS, or other statistical software package.

Job Location

4 Wellington Street, Suite 3, Boston, MA 02118. May telecommute from anywhere in the U.S.

How to Apply

Qualified applicants, please submit resume and cover letter, Attn: President, Boston Strategic Partners, Inc., at 4 Wellington Street, Ste. 3, Boston, MA 02118 or careers@bostonsp.com