Patient data is grouped together into an “encounter” and includes the following information:

  • Facility characteristics
  • Patient characteristics
  • ER encounters as admitting source are merged
  • Clinical assessments including
    • Height / weight / BMI
    • Vital signs
    • Respiratory
  • Clinical characteristics, including key comorbid conditions and selected admission labs
  • 1º and 2º diagnoses and procedure codes (ICD-9)
  • Supplemental diagnoses and procedures (outside inpatient encounters)
  • Inpatient pharmacy orders and dispensing data
  • General lab quantitative values with or without microbio and resistance testing results (beyond admission labs)
  • SurgiNet (surgical suite) data, where available
  • Key outcomes (in-hospital mortality, LOS, total billed charges / estimated costs, 30-day readmission)
  • Reimbursement / billing charges

Data Scope:

  • EHR-level, detailed clinical information, not just orders or claims
  • Longitudinal tracking of patients
  • Data time-stamped to minute-wise resolution

Billed Charges
Billed Charges

Admission and Discharge


Patient Demographics
Patient Demographics

Labs and Microbiology

Clinical Assessment data
Clinical Assessment

Diagnosis and Procedure

Facility Type
Facility Type

Source: Cerner Health Facts® data

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