App Development

BSP can support clients with app development

BSP builds custom models and interactive, customer-facing applications to address various business needs, including Budget Impact Models (BIM), Decision-Analytic Models, Pharmacoeconomic Models, and Forecasting Models. BSP develops applications for multiple platforms (BaseCase Interactive for iOS/iPad/iPhone, Vablet, etc.) using various programming languages (HTML5, JavaScript, Visual Basic, etc.)

Vablet is a cloud-based platform for developing marketing, sales, and training applications. BSP vablet apps are HTML5-based and built with the market need(s) and user experience in mind to ensure the right content is available on demand. Apps developed by BSP can be accessed on a range of devices, including iPads (iOS), other tablets, smartphones, or laptops. Vablet apps enable controlled delivery of content and feedback via field testing and user analytics. BSP has a rigorous quality control methodology for technical verification and clinical evaluation of all its applications. BSP professionals are experienced in working with medical, regulatory, legal, branding, and other compliance teams and guarantee that apps meet corporate requirements.

Why use interactive applications?

A sales representative has limited time with a potential customer. It is therefore important to clearly communicate the value of a product in a concise, personalized and engaging manner. BSP can support clients with creating an engaging interactive storyboard that demonstrates their product’s value and encourage sales. These storyboards bring models to life by transforming them into media-rich compelling stories.

Apps include features such as:

  • Existing material such as company presentations, PowerPoint slide decks and Excel based economic models can be transformed into multi-layered, visually engaging, interactive applications
  • Powerful calculation and spreadsheet functionality makes it possible to perform calculations on-the-fly and present personalized analyses depending on the type of stakeholder or healthcare setting
  • Apps can have cross-platform capability which ensures content can be displayed on variety mobile devices such as iPads, mobile phones and tablets
  • App architecture is specifically designed to allow seamless adaptation to specific countries or healthcare systems as well as language translation and currency conversion
  • Apps work off-line and can be easily distributed to the sales team, when in the field
  • The app’s “look and feel” can be customized and branded according to company standards
  • Apps feature email and PDF report functionality and provide a convenient way to send personalized content to the customer

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