Francie Moehring, PhD

Medical Communications Consultant

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Francie is a Medical Communications Consultant with BSP. Francie obtained her BS in Biology from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and her PhD in Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • During her doctoral work, Francie studied how a particular skin cell (called keratinocyte) can communicate with sensory neurons in order to transmit touch and pain sensation
  • As a postdoctoral fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin, she investigated how lipids might be involved in various inflammatory pain conditions and migraine
  • Francie first authored five publications and co-authored another five manuscripts in peer reviewed journals
  • Francie worked as a freelance science writer for the Pain Research Forum where she wrote articles on conference coverages, news articles and recorded various podcasts
  • She also worked as a consultant for Catalyst BioConsulting and became manager of 15 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who help startup companies with actionable business recommendations on a pro bono basis

In her spare time, Francie enjoys playing team handball, hiking and traveling.

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