David Kazuo Hayashida, MSc


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David has served Boston Strategic Partners (BSP) since 2004 as a Consultant, Operations Director, Technology Lead, and, currently, Principal: Health Economics. He develops code in SAS to analyze electronic health records (EHR) data, trains new consultants, and educates teams on leveraging export-transform-load (ETL) and analytics to benefit traditional consulting and back-office workflows.

Health Economics and SAS Programming:

  • Transformed Cerner Health Facts data to work with an in-house algorithm for patient drug treatment patterns originally developed for Truven MarketScan databases (major and post-partum depression)
  • Provided Visual Basic programming and UI layout support for an infusion pumps cost consequence model
  • Created serum creatinine tracking SAS Hash Object to stratify hepatorenal syndrome patient severity along clinical guidelines
  • Validated the performance of an in-house, patented epidemiology algorithm against HCUP National Inpatient Sample (NIS) to improve burden of disease estimates for all projects in the firm
  • Quantified the time savings and error prevention value of new blood sample carrier technologies through custom ETL and truncated regression in SAS with data from a Boston area hospital system lab information system and individual instrumentation files
  • Extracted cohort from Cerner Health Facts to assess mortality and clinical outcomes of pulmonary artery catheters (PAC) in cardiac surgery patients and albumin in the critically ill
  • Created code in SAS to de-duplicate references from PubMed and Embase using sounds-like with generalized edit distances
  • Targeted communities with geocoding and clustering programmed in SAS to inform population analyses and messaging campaigns

Medical Communications:

  • Provided graphic design support for a series of scientific and a patient advocacy meetings to support a client’s novel PPD pharmacotherapy and PPD disease state awareness

Business & Clinical Strategy:

  • Developed market landscapes, share of wallet, and product prioritization for a respiratory therapy devices client seeking to achieve an aggressive EBITDA target
  • Assessed opportunities for high-value software and services to boost margins for a infusion pumps company
  • Developed opportunity profiles, mapped supply chains, and identified adjacent and white space opportunities for various large pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and group purchasing conglomerates

Technical Highlights:

  • SAS; Advanced Excel (Pivot Tables); BaseCase (Developer, QA certified); Qualtrics; Tableau Public; private cloud deployments; poster layout in InDesign

David has previously administered Unix server systems for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Calculus & Mathematica program and designed 3D models at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) in Champaign, IL. David holds a BA in Art History from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and a Masters in Health Economics from Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona School of Management.