Health Economics

Our goal is to combine analytical rigor, primary research, and our experience to create models and tools that are intuitive, transparent, and clearly show the value of our clients’ products / services

Our Services

  • Health Economic Strategy and Policy Initiatives
  • Value Proposition and Message Development
  • Payor Ad Boards
  • Epidemiology / Burden of Disease
  • Budget Impact Models (BIM)
  • Database (EHR / Claims) Modeling
  • Health Economic Publications

Why Boston Strategic Partners

  • Our health economists and statisticians create approaches that produce real results with providers, payers, and allied groups
  • Our writers have published in top tier journals, such as American Journal of Managed Care, and at conferences like ISPOR
  • Our global focus enables us to use local outcome evidence and quantify value in local currencies
  • Access to EHR and claims datasets enables us to provide customized queries that address specific client needs
  • Hospitals and provider analyses have included outcomes, efficiencies, revenue impact, and inventory management
  • BSP partner on ISPOR panel of reviewers


What’s unique about your approach is that you link clinical benefits to economic outcomes, which provides our audiences with an integrated understanding of our value proposition

Executive VP
Major Diagnostics Company

Downloadable Capability Documents

Economic Modeling
EHR Data Analysis
Secondary Uses of EHR Data
Quantitative Analytics