Our Story

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Fabian D’Souza, Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. is a global advisory firm offering five different types of services exclusively to the life sciences industry:

Additionally, we perform statistical and econometric analysis to supplement all service areas, using EHR data spanning 15-years and encompassing over 60 million lives and 350 million encounters. Since inception, we have served clients across the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics industries. We work with a range of management from business unit heads to CXOs of startups to major Fortune 100 companies. We have extensive experience in successfully realizing the clinical, financial, and regulatory objectives of our clients.

Our Philosophy

Our company is founded on three guiding principles:

  • Provide professional services in a highly efficient and economical manner
  • Serve clients with professionals who possess business and clinical expertise
  • Offer a broad suite of services to more effectively meet clients’ needs

Areas of Expertise

We have hands-on experience across the continuum of care, from diagnostics to therapeutics, for a variety of different disease states, including but not limited to:

Acute and Emergency care Infections Pain (acute, postsurgical)
Cardiology/Vascular Disease Infectious Disease Parenteral Nutrition
Cardiac surgery Inflammation Pediatrics/Neonatology
Critical Care Injury and Poisoning Pharmacology/Toxicology
Dental and Oral Health Internal Medicine Podiatry
Dermatology Metabolic Disease Psychiatric/Psychology
Diabetes Musculoskeletal Pulmonary/Respiratory Disease
Endocrinology (other) Nephrology Rheumatology
ENT Neurosciences Sleep
Family Medicine Nutrition and Weight Loss Surgery
Gastroenterology Obstetrics/Gynecology Trauma (emergency, injury, surgery)
Genetic Disease Oncology Thrombosis
Hematology Ophthalmology Urology
Hepatology Orthopedics Vaccines