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About Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. Market Reports

Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. (BSP) is a leading life sciences consulting firm with a very active health economics and outcomes research practice. BSP has unique access to Electronic Health Records (EHR) data from Cerner, one of the largest EHR providers in the US, as well as an in-house team of doctors, statisticians, and econometrics experts, who use this data to gain insights and draw implications for a broad spectrum of disease states. For more than 15 years, BSP’s market analysis has provided businesses with the information and interpretations needed to make intelligent and strategic business decisions. Boston Strategic Partners provides a full service, end-to-end suite of strategic advisory, health economics and big data analysis, medical communication and writing, regulatory advisory, and financial advisory.
While typical market research reports rely on secondary research and supplemental subjective qualitative primary research, our reports provides quantitative, objective data captured by hospitals contributing to Cerner Health Facts. This data provides real-world patient encounters and reflects real physician decisions and encounter characteristics (e.g. patient response to therapy and outcomes) in key areas, such as antibiotic resistant pathogens and antimicrobial stewardship.
For more information on our reports and how BSP’s HEOR and EHR analytics capabilities can support your organization’s needs, contact Dr. Fabian D’Souza, MD, MBA ( or Dr. Fred Peyerl, PhD, MBA ( at Boston Strategic Partners, Inc.
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