Senior Consultant

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Rita is a Senior Consultant with BSP. She has worked on the firm’s Business and Clinical Strategy, and Health Economics and Outcomes Research areas. Some of her recent projects include:

  • Due diligence for a potential pharmaceutical acquisition; assessed how the novel asset would fit within the current portfolio and business model of the client company; researched current market trends (primary and secondary research), performed a competitive landscape assessment, and developed a distribution and access plan; presented findings to c-suite
  • Market entry strategy and accompanying slide deck for the CSO of a large pharmaceutical company to pitch the board of directors; performed secondary research to assess the features of the market and how the client’s risk profile would fit in the current landscape
  • Strategy to grow sales of a specific product of a large medical device company; analyzed existing evidence supporting differentiation and cost effectiveness of the device
  • Optimized the sales process of a novel medical device at a start-up company; created and documented a standardized sales workflow, worked directly with the CMO, and ran several 2 full-day training sessions of sales teams across the U.S. (total of approx. 40 trainees)
  • Managed the design of data visualizations of pharmacological treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and Postpartum Depression, in order to support the launch of a novel antidepressant drug by a pre-market medium size pharmaceutical company
  • Led a team of SAS data scientists and biostatisticians to create visualizations of the first ever longitudinal patient journey of Hepatorenal Syndrome for a large pharmaceutical company; facilitated workshop with members of different teams (e.g. R&D, Med Affairs, Commercial) at the client’s site

Rita completed her PhD as part of the prestigious Gulbenkian program, and received a fellowship to do her thesis work in Cellular and Molecular Immunology at the University of California, San Francisco. She was a leading author in several articles in top-tier peer-reviewed immunology journals. In the meantime, she took an interest in Cognitive Sciences and moved on to a postdoc in Neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. She conducted studies using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and learned MATLAB and R, culminating into first authorship for another high-impact study. Later, she decided to pursue her interests in business and healthcare as a management consultant.

Rita is also a poet and studies with a Pulitzer prize-winning mentor in New York City. She plays classical and electrical guitar and has been part of several bands. Rita enjoys running, biking and taking fitness classes, and exploring all that New York City has to offer.