Kunal Lodaya, MD

Engagement Manager

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Kunal is an Engagement Manager with BSP whose engagements have focused primarily on the firm’s Business and Clinical Strategy and Health Economics segments. His recent projects include:

Business and Clinical Strategy:

  • Developed an ex-US market growth strategy by leveraging regional approaches for a CNS-focused pharmaceutical company and their novel antipsychotic by assessing country-specific market trends, regulatory landscapes, and other business considerations
  • Identified international growth opportunities for an orphan drug company through assessment of regulatory landscapes and key product attributes for a novel one-time use injectable for CKD patients
  • Assessed the value of an innovative surgical solution by identifying unmet needs, solution preferences, and conducting a cost analysis to support the commercialization of recently acquired technologies for a global life sciences company

Health Economics:

  • Determined the impact on healthcare resource utilization and patient outcomes by conducting a time and motion study and subsequent analysis for a global specialty biopharmaceutical company to assess the perceived stress, and requirement of time and operating room supplies during the preparation of fibrin sealants by OR nurses
  • Developed a customer growth strategy for renal solutions by leveraging predictive models coupled with geospatial segmentation to identify high priority customer targets
  • Assessed the incremental impact of sepsis and cirrhosis complications in the inpatient setting on a variety of patient outcomes such as hospital and ICU length of stay, and overall charges
  • Assessed the feasibility and economic impact of replacing the standard of care with a novel molecular diagnostic platform and developed a budget impact model that could be programmed with hospital-specific parameters
  • Determined the clinical and economic benefits of using pulmonary artery catheters for cardiac/cardiac surgery patients for a global medical device company to support stakeholder messaging and continued adoption of a legacy product

Medical Communications:

  • Provided a clinical lens to support development and finalization of clinical and scientific publications

Kunal holds an MD from Drexel University College of Medicine, where he specialized in emergency medicine. He earned his BS in biology from Drexel University. As a medical student, his research focused on identifying different myocyte progenitors in live animal models to better understand certain diseases such as muscular dystrophies. In his spare time, Kunal enjoys traveling and running.

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