Fred Peyerl, PhD, MBA


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Fred is a Partner with BSP and has worked with clients across the life sciences industry from several therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiovascular and renal, surgery, critical care, and pain. Throughout his tenure with the firm, Fred has led numerous engagements across all three of the company’s practice areas: Business and Clinical Strategy, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (Health Economics), and Medical Communications. His recent projects with BSP include:

Business and Clinical Strategy

  • Developed a clinical strategy for bringing a new anesthetic to market in Europe based on tradeoffs associated with distinct clinical value propositions (i.e. cost and time of clinical trial, risk associated with successful demonstration, clinical need, market interest, and commercial impact)
  • Developed a growth strategy with short- and long-term options to to double revenues for the surgical care division of a global diversified healthcare company
  • Defined the information and education requirements for key stakeholders to ensure appropriate access and reimbursement of a novel companion diagnostic and immunotherapeutic for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and melanoma across all major markets, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Defined the optimal price point for a novel infectious disease diagnostic platform and disposables across 15 separate markets to maximize utilization and revenues
  • Assessed the value and appropriateness of a company’s irrigation fluid containing novel additives (i.e. NSAIDs) as an acquisition target for one of the world leaders in IV solutions

Health Economics

  • Analyzed patient claims databases and modeled the immediate and long-term savings available to the five largest health insurance providers in the United States by outsourcing to an implantable device benefits manager
  • Developed a budget impact model for use with managed care organizations to demonstrate the clinical and economic value of utilizing a novel IV iron for the management of iron deficiency anemia
  • Conducted a comparative effectiveness analysis using our EHR database (covering over 42MM unique lives over 15 years) and demonstrated the clinical benefit of using low chloride crystalloids over normal saline in critically ill patients
  • Conducted a comparative effectiveness analysis with our EHR database and demonstrated the clinical benefit, namely in hospital mortality, of using albumin over crystalloids following open cardiac surgery procedure

Medical Communications

  • Enabled a global nutritional business to reposition its parenteral nutrition product within select cancer markets with the creation of speaker and continuing medical education (CME) materials
  • Developed and executed a publication strategy to drive utilization of common cardiac immunoassays for a global diagnostics manufacturer by highlighting the clinical and diagnostic differences of their product over the competition
  • Mined a clinical database from a nationwide dialysis provider to support the messaging and strategy set forth for a client’s market-leading renal franchise. The results of this data mining were followed up with the creation and acceptance of multiple abstracts at the nation’s largest nephrology conference

Fred holds a PhD in Virology from Harvard Medical School where he studied HIV vaccine development and the evolution of host immune responses. He conducted his post-doctoral work at National Jewish Health in the area of structural biology and immune system development. Throughout his graduate and post-doctoral work Fred was an author on 18 peer-reviewed publications. Fred received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado. Fred attended New Mexico Tech where he earned a BS in Biology, graduating magna cum laude. In his spare time, Fred volunteers with the National Sports Center for the Disabled where he teaches children and adults with disabilities to ski.