David Hayashi, MS

Engagement Manager

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David is an Engagement Manager with BSP who has led engagements primarily in the firm’s Business and Clinical Strategy and Health Economics practices. His recent projects include:
Health Economics:

  • Developed a customer-facing budget impact model app to convey the clinical and economic value of adopting a novel support surface for the prevention of pressure injuries to C-level hospital stakeholders, and to support internal Value Analysis Committee return on investment calculations
  • Constructed a cost-effectiveness analysis using a Markov model to effectively communicate the clinical and economic value of a novel intraarticular injection for knee osteoarthritis, supporting its adoption and coverage
  • Showcased direct cost savings resulting from implementation of IV medication delivery system through systematic literature review, detailed model concept design, excel model development, and iPad app creation

Business and Clinical Strategy:

  • Defined the messaging and pricing strategy in the acute care space for a novel support surface that prevents hospital-acquired pressure injuries by assessing competitive landscape, executing market research with key opinion leaders, and defining product points of differentiation
  • Assessed the opportunity for an effective launch of an antipsychotic medication across 80+ countries, and prioritized each country using a series of metrics, including market size, competitive price points, and hurdles to regulatory approval
  • Defined the feasibility to establish a winning position in the immunoassay and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) market for targeted biomarker research, and informed optimal concept design for maximum likelihood of adoption at academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies
  • Informed country-specific clinical trial design and marketing strategies for a pharmaceutical company’s novel antipsychotic medication through in-depth analysis of physician and payer data needs and value propositions

David holds an MS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan, with a biomechanics concentration. David has experience with medical device design, intellectual property, standards, validation, risk management, FDA approval, pricing, and reimbursement. In his spare time, David enjoys recreational sports and volunteer projects in downtown Chicago.

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