Anna Katarzyna Talaga, PhD

Senior Consultant

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Anna is a Senior Consultant with BSP whose engagements span the firm’s Business and Clinical Strategy and Medical Communications practice areas. Her most recent engagements include:
Business and Clinical Strategy:

  • Developed a market launch strategy for a pharmaceutical/medical device company’s molecular diagnostic tool by assessing the competitive landscape, financial landscape, and key competitor product attributes
  • Supported the development of a comprehensive scientific lexicon and platform for a pharmaceutical company’s various pipeline molecules to use as a guide for increasing awareness and alignment across the organization
  • Supported the development of a small pharmaceutical company’s comprehensive and targeted publication plan to strategize the publishing of scientific and clinical data for maximum industry impact

Medical Communications:

  • Developed an Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) dossier for a specialty pharmaceutical in preparation for formulary submission of a novel analgesic product
  • Conducted a systematic literature review and meta-analysis of data focused on the burden of complications in pre-analytical systems during point-of-care testing processes
  • Developed a series of manuscripts, abstracts, posters for publication in peer-reviewed clinical journals and conferences that reported a small pharmaceutical company’s critical Phase I-III data to increase awareness of therapeutic areas, pathways, and molecules
  • Developed publications and a research report from the hospital perspective for acute post-surgical pain management using data from a comprehensive retrospective analysis of EHR data

Anna holds a PhD in Biology (specializing in Neuroscience) from The Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Molecular/Cellular Biology and Classical Studies from Vanderbilt University. As a graduate student, Anna discovered a novel neuronal protein that is crucial in the olfactory signal transduction process. Prior to joining Boston Strategic Partners, Anna authored peer-reviewed articles in the fields of neurophysiology and developmental neuroscience. In her free time, Anna enjoys music, volunteering, and hiking.