Santosh Telang, MS

Senior Healthcare Advisor

Santosh is a Senior Consultant with BSP whose engagements have focused primarily on the firm’s Health Economics and Business and Clinical Strategy practices. His recent engagements include:

Health Economics and Outcomes Research:

  • Demonstrated key clinical and resource utilization benefits of an androgen injectable over its competitor via a retrospective study of real-world data in a nationwide outpatient EHR dataset
  • Assessed the incremental impact of sepsis and cirrhosis in the inpatient setting on patient outcomes of mortality, hospital and ICU length of stay, and total hospital costs across more than one EHR database
  • Implemented an intuitive and dynamic return-on-investment tool for nationwide sales teams of a large pharmaceutical company to inform the key economic as well as clinical impacts of their infusion systems
  • Developed a simple, user-friendly budget impact model demonstrating cost savings associated with a pharmaceutical company’s novel analgesic within the emergency department and the outpatient surgical settings
  • Quantified potential clinical and cost savings for a global medical technology company’s pre-filled flush syringe through a budget-impact model with an app-like interface and customizations for different regions worldwide
  • Demonstrated the clinical and economic value of a hemostatic sealant for a Fortune 500 company by developing an iPad app based on a cost consequence model

Business and Clinical Strategy:

  • Developed a product launch strategy for a specialty pharmaceutical company by defining a comprehensive set of value propositions and identifying key stakeholders for a novel analgesic product
  • Informed acute care adoption strategy for a medical device company’s pressure injury solution through development of a growth assessment model along with a profit-and-loss statement
  • Conducted competitive intelligence analysis to define current and emerging threats in the rapid microbiology testing space for the launch of a global healthcare company’s new infectious disease diagnostic platform in the US
  • Supported orphan drug indication submission to the FDA by conducting a thorough literature review for a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company’s innovative oral thrombopoietin receptor agonist that stimulates platelet production

Prior to joining BSP, Santosh spent time working in industry and academic research. He holds a BE in Electronics Engineering from University of Mumbai and an MS in Biomedical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. After graduation, he worked as a Support Engineer and then in neuroscience and sleep research. He is proficient in fundamental engineering concepts with complementary data analysis skills. Other than his day job at BSP, Santosh has interest in data science and visualization, and application software in health. In his spare time, Santosh volunteers at not-for-profit organizations, and likes to travel, and read. He cares about causes for the environmental sustainability and public health.