Nicholas Bettencourt, BS

Senior Healthcare Advisor

Nick is a Senior Consultant with BSP whose engagements have focused on the firm’s Business and Clinical Strategy, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, and Medical Communications practices. His recent projects include:

Business and Clinical Strategy:

  • Conducted primary research for a pharmaceutical company marketing a long-acting injectable medication for alcohol and opioid addiction to inform a market strategy in the hospital inpatient setting
  • Led an opportunity assessment for a device company marketing a novel auto-injector technology to examine potential opportunities in the nerve toxin and countermeasure market
  • Created a multi-phase strategy to bring a novel medical device to market through domestic and international primary research, competitive landscapes as well as analysis of adjacent opportunities
  • Informed potential adoption strategy for a new diagnostic platform of a medical device company through a comprehensive market research survey targeting infectious disease specialists in several European countries

Health Economics and Outcomes Research:

  • Facilitated development of a client-facing iPad application modeling potential cost savings associated with adopting an integrated infusion system, from initial mock-up through development and implementation
  • Facilitated development an implementation of a Windows application based on a Budget Impact Model designed to show cost savings associated with adoption of a novel hospital support surface

Medical Communications:

  • Prioritized product-specific divisional value messages of a major medical device company by conducting a comprehensive literature review
  • Developed a lexicon for a pharmaceutical startup to create a company-wide standard for how the organization refers to their different indications, compounds, and studies
  • Leveraged the Cerner Health Facts dataset (EHR) to create syndicated reports that included the current burden of disease states and treatment practices

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Boston College (BC). While at BC, he participated in several international and service experiences, and served as a research assistant in a psychotherapy and cognitive therapy-focused lab. Prior to joining BSP, Nick worked with MEDLIFE, a medical nonprofit based in Lima, Peru which specializes in bringing medical care, preventative education and development projects to impoverished populations in Peru and Ecuador. In his spare time, Nick stays active through hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities.