Liz Wheatley, PhD

Senior Medical Communications Specialist

Liz is a Consultant with BSP whose engagements have focused primarily on the firm’s Medical Communications practice. Her recent projects with BSP include:

  • Conducting primary research to assess the challenges associated with point-of-care testing in a variety of care-settings for a medical device client
  • Developing a case study manuscript to provide evidence to support the need for a novel point-of-care device technology currently under development for a medical device client
  • Writing a manuscript describing the results from a Phase 3 clinical study in a mood disorder for a pharmaceutical client in the central nervous system space
  • Generating conference presentation materials (i.e. posters and slide decks) describing a Phase 3 clinical study in a mood disorder

Liz obtained her BA in Studio Art and her MA in Chemistry from Wesleyan University, and her PhD in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology from the University of California, San Francisco. During her doctoral work, Liz studied the neurobiology of aging and investigated novel mechanisms underlying synaptic and cognitive decline. She previously worked at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical campus as a postdoctoral fellow studying aging and inflammation. During her academic career, Liz spearheaded projects in Biophysical Chemistry, Neuroscience, and Microbiology, resulting in multiple first-author, peer-reviewed manuscripts. Liz’s interests in translational research and scientific writing have led her to pursue medical communications as a consultant with BSP. In her spare time, Liz also enjoys painting, running, and exploring the Colorado mountains.