Katarina Chin, MBA

Senior Director of Operations

Katarina is the Director of Operations at BSP and she ensures the company is running smoothly and efficiently. Although most of her efforts are focused internally, she continues to support the BSP team as a consultant when needed. Her engagements primarily focus on the firm’s Business and Clinical Strategy practice, Web Development, Web Design and Graphic Design. Her most recent engagements include:

Business and Clinical Strategy:

  • Supported the development of a model to communicate the impact of a colorectal cancer drug on patients at risk of recurrent cancer
  • Supported the recruiting, planning and execution of a Time and Motion Study investigating ease of use of a new-to-market fibrin sealant
  • Developed a pricing strategy for a global pharmaceutical and device company to optimize market potential, assess the competitive landscape, and develop revenue models to provide effective guidance for the present and future of infusion pump systems
  • Developed market archetype profiles by defining the value of the pharmacy, attractiveness of automation, healthcare expenditure and several additional factors to drive effective integrated pharmacy solutions across 18 countries for a global pharmaceutical company
  • Developed a go to market strategy for a novel product being released by a global life sciences company that leveraged current practices and preferences by assessing value propositions across multiple stakeholders from various care settings
  • Developed an easy-to-use epidemiological model for colon cancer for a large global pharmaceutical and healthcare company to assess potential adoption rates of a new product in a variety of scenarios

Web Development and Graphic Design: 

  • Designed the layout, site map and graphics for a pharmaceutical company to store, share and update materials presented at medical conferences
  • Published the website and performed on-going website maintenance and updates
  • Designed marketing materials to support medical communication efforts aimed at conference support for a pharmaceutical company. Marketing materials include: banners, postcards, business cards and tri-folds

Katarina holds a Maters of Business Administration from Western Governors University and a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a dual concentration in finance and insurance and entrepreneurship and innovation. Katarina has over five years of experience in finance and marketing roles for pharmaceutical companies. In her spare time, Katarina recently relocated to Sydney, Australia.