Boye Gricar, PhD

Senior Healthcare Advisor

Boye is a Senior Consultant with BSP whose engagements have focused primarily on the firm’s Business and Clinical Strategy and HEOR practices. His recent projects include:

Business and Clinical Strategy:

  • Developed tools to support client with tender submission process for one of their pre-analytical assets
  • Assessed clinical and economic evidence to support product value messaging for large medical
    device company in the in pre-analytical space
  • Mapped business expansion opportunities for a client in the pressure injury prevention space
  • Developed a survey to gauge clinician’s perspective on the adoption of a diagnostic platform for a life
    science client in the viral load monitoring space

Medical Communications:

  • Developed poster to create awareness around preanalytical errors in point of care testing for large life science client

Health Economics:

  • Created costing model to quantify cost of surgical complications for a client in the cardiac surgical space
  • Created a budget impact model to quantify the potential value of a novel diagnostic blood test from the perspective of relevant healthcare stakeholders for a leading molecular diagnostic company
  • Created a forecasting model for a life science client in order to drive strategic decisions for the development of a drug to treat substance use disorder
  • Created two Markov models to evaluate the clinical and economic impact of a new diagnostic test for a life science client in the oncology space and a novel therapeutic drug for a client in the field of osteoarthritis


  • BaseCase Developer, BaseCase QA

Boye holds an MSc in Biology from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and a PhD from the University of Hull, UK. His graduate research focused on the chemical communication in African cichlid fishes and measuring in vivo olfactory responses using a combination of electrophysiology and High Performance Liquid Chromatography. In his spare time, Boye is a keen home cook, enjoys playing guitar and is interested in life coaching as well as personal development.